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Principal Investigator

Edward L. Webb

​Email: ted.webb [at]

PhD University of Miami 

BSc Occidental College

My research is designed to support the conservation of floral diversity in natural and human-managed systems in the Asia-Pacific region. My research interests are diverse, as I am fascinated with not only the ecology of tropical and subtropical plant communities, but also the human context that supports or modifies those processes. I have a strong interest in publishing research that shares the common intellectual thread of informing conservation and conservation policy.

Research Staff

Jose Don T. De Alban

Email: dondealban [at]

MSc Geomatics Engineering (Remote Sensing), University of the Philippines Diliman, 2010-2017
BSc Geodetic Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1996-2000

My research interest is understanding land use/land cover change dynamics in coupled human-environment systems to inform policy and action. I am presently part of a multi-disciplinary research team that seeks to understand the drivers of deforestation and land use change in Myanmar in view of its increased international engagement. My particular interest is in developing approaches for analysing the expansion of agricultural plantations, specifically oil palm and rubber, in tropical forest landscapes through remote sensing; and in simulating future land use change scenarios to assess impacts of agricultural expansion and intensification using cellular automata and agent-based modeling.

Graduate Students

Cheng Ling Lim

Email: lim.cheng.ling [at] 

BSc Environmental Studies (Environmental Biology), National University of Singapore, 2012-2016

I am interested in understanding the causes and underlying drivers of deforestation in various societies. Currently, I am part of a team utilising diverse approaches to uncover the dynamics of forest loss in Myanmar, where valuable forests are vulnerable to land conversion. Through systematic reviews and analysis, I develop conceptual frameworks, such as causal loops, to highlight key connections and focal points among political, social and economic processes.

Akash Verma

Email: akash.verma [at] 

MSc Environmental Studies, University of Delhi, India, 2011-13

BTech Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India, 2006-10

I have broad interests in environmental issues, especially ecology and conservation biology at various spatial and temporal scales.  Currently, I am researching on the drivers of forest change in the Himalayan region, and working with communities to decrease their dependence on firewood as the primary source of energy. I am in the process of formalizing my doctorate research.

Wang Yang

Email: e0010773 [at]  

BSc Ecology, Shandong University, 2015

I am working on species distribution modelling (SDM), especially Maximum Entropy modelling (MaxEnt). My ongoing research is about global distribution patterns of invasive plant species and their potential response to climate change. From the study we are able to look at global hotspots for plant invasion and hopefully set up legislation and efforts to protect biodiversity in those area. I wish to understand the distribution patterns of plant species under the climate change scenario. I am also interested in desertification and reforestation, where I'd like to explore topics like land use changes, anthropogenic disturbances and other related studies.

Sean Pang

Email: s.pang [at]  

BSc Environmental Studies (Environmental Biology), NUS 2018



My Interest revolves around spatial ecology and I am currently focusing heavily on species distribution modelling. My current research is heavily focused towards answering methodological questions, such as the effectiveness of various methods of variable selection with respect to the temporal transferability of the models, and the effects of different land use change maps on model performance and prediction. Ecological interests lean towards studying the effect of climate change on the distribution patterns of trees in the tropics and their subsequent distribution shifts. I am also interested in the eventual recommendations that may come hand-in-hand with these models of species distributions, which would include the study and use of conservation planning software Marxan.


J. Johanness

Email: j.johanness [at]  

BSc Biological Sciences (Environmental Biology), National University of Singapore, 2014 - 2018

MSc (Research) Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, 2018 - Present

In pursuit of elucidating the pattern-to-process relationships governing land system changes in highly coupled human-environment landscapes, my present research focuses on the identification of principal signals of land change to understand the complex mechanisms of deforestation in Myanmar. Under the overarching theme of biodiversity conservation and habitat preservation in the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot, I envision our future work to involve incorporation of mixed-methods approaches to inform the design and management of protected areas and key biodiversity areas in Myanmar. I am also interested to involve myself in field of landscape ecology, which entails the study of landscape patterns to better understand ecological phenomena, in hopes of modelling deforestation frontiers to inform policy action in environmental conservation.



Post-doctoral researchers
PhD students (NUS)

Muhammad Izuddin (2018)

Joshua Koh (2018)

Matti Niissalo (2017). Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Anuj Jain (2016). Bird Life International.

Jacob Phelps (2013). Lancaster University.

Grace Blackham (2013). Wildfoul and Wetlands Trust.

Alison Wee (2013). Guangxi University.

Enoka Kudavidanage, (2012). Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.​​​​​

PhD students (Asian Institute of Technology)

Ngo Tri Dung, (2010). Forestry Faculty, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam.

Chanyut Sudtongkong (2010). Faculty of Marine Science, Rajmangala Institute of Technology Srivijaya, Thailand.​

Md. Enamul Kabir (2007). Professor, Khulna University, Bangladesh.​

Thiha (2007). Plant a Tree Today Foundation, Bangkok.​

Lam Dorji (2003). Executive Director, Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, Bhutan.

Ambika Gautam (2002). Professor, Kathmandu Forestry College, Nepal.​

MSc students (NUS)

Liang Horng Song (2016)

Chen Shu (2013) Zoological Society of London.

Wang Yi (2013)

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